About Us

What is Missions Photo?

We are a husband & wife wedding photography team. Well, at least that’s the photo part. The Missions part is the purpose behind our business. We have a goal to travel the world and highlight extraordinary people who are working to make a positive change. Weddings help fund that goal.

And as a bonus we really love wedding photography so it’s a win win.

Missions Photo helps accomplish our goal in two ways.

First, as mentioned above the revenue from doing weddings funds our (future) expeditions to meet and showcase inspiring world changers and hopefully inspire the next generation to pick up the mantle and do the same.

Secondly, Missions Photo is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is. Starting in 2019 we will be donating 10% of revenue to individuals and organizations who are out in the world making it a better place.

Our Story

So how did we get started in Photography? Well through videography actually.

Jared started his first company, a video production company his senior year in high school when his english teacher hired him to record her 50th birthday party. $100 and a free steak dinner Jared saw potential in starting a business. Soon he was filming wedding videos for friends and family.

By the time they got married Jared & Brandi where filming weddings to supplement their income as they started out in married life.

Flash forward a few years (like 10) Jared & Brandi decide to pack up their family and leave California for Virginia. That’s not the only change they made. They also switched their chosen media from video to photo.

The two now serve brides and groom up and down the East Coast and soon hope to pick up destination weddings expanding their wedding reach to the rest of the U.S. or anywhere in in the world.

Meet the Team

Jared Elrod

Lead Photographer

Jared handles the business and marketing side of Missions Photo and is the lead shooter. If you book a package with a single shooter, Jared is going to be the one to shoot your wedding. Don’t worry, even though he is 6′ 7″ brides saw they didn’t even notice him during the wedding.

Brandi Elrod

Second Shooter & Details extraordinaire

Brandi love capturing special moments. She has an eye of a bride and will always grab those extra shots from the brides perspective. She is also extremely gifted at shoot the small details of your wedding like the flower arrangements, table decorations, and all those extra things you never think about but are glad to have once you see them.

Lily Elrod

Assistant & Second Shooter in Training

You probably wont see her at your wedding for a few years but book an engagement shoot with us and chances are she will be there assisting.

Next Steps…

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