3 Tips to take your Cosplay Shoots to the Next Level Part I.

So you and your friends are getting together to take some cool photos of each other in your cosplay costumes. Awesome. Taking photos of your cosplay is a lot of fun and a great way to build an audience of fans online.

Before you run off to the park and shoot away consider these three tips to get better photos.

Location, location, location.

You’re probably thinking about running down to the park by your house for your cosplay shoot. Or maybe you plan on just shooting in your backyard. Or maybe you haven’t thought about where to shoot at all.

Well, the number one thing you can do to make your photos look better is pick a place that matches your cosplay.

For example I recently did a shoot for a guy with an amazing original character based on the Black Flag era Assassins Creed game.

I do a lot of engagements and have a wonderful Japanese Garden I like taking my couples to, but walking around with a Pirate wouldn’t have made for the best photos.

I knew I wanted to Photoshop a cool shot of him with pirate boats in a harbor as a background.

Okay cool idea but I live in Richmond Virginia and we don’t have any harbors full of replica pirate ships.

But we do have the next best thing... The James River and a copy of Photoshop.

Because of his pirate costume we met at the canal walk and shot for two hours next to the water.

A few awesome things came from this.

First I was able to use the wooden stairs at the end of the walk to replicate a wooden ship.

Look how a little careful planning and creative shooting makes it look like we are on a real pirate ship and not a set of stairs.

Secondly we got these cool shots of a prison cave.

Actually this was just the tunnel that leads to the stairs in the above photos. But once again a little creativity makes it look like a cool pirate set. (This would not have happened at a local park)

And last but not least I was able to set up the below shot.


Wait... that’s a modern day apartment complex in the background. How does that fit with the pirate theme?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked.

Remember that planning I keep talking about?

I was looking for a good ground area to put my pirate on and boy did I find it.

Enter Photoshop.

With a little work the apartment building is gone and this photo is ready for it’s harbor. Black flags and all.


So you can see how a little planning paid off and made these photos look like a million times better than if we had just shot in the city, or even at the local park.

Okay in part two we are going to dive into the next tip. “How posing can make or break your photos”

Click here to read part two.

P.s. The reveal of the Harbor Photoshopped picture will be in Part II as well. Click here to see it.


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